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About Contessa

Contessa Furniture, a family owned and operated business, was opened in 1973 by Bart Mandarano. He had asked one of his brothers, Mike, to postpone his venture as a tailor, and to come and work with him for a short period of time. Mike had already made plans to pursue his career in the US and start his own tailor business. All these years later, Mike and Bart are still working together, side by side, committed to selling fine furniture to customers.

Through the years, many family members have joined the business but eventually moved on to pursue different careers. Mike’s eldest son, Richard aka Riccardo, has been involved in the business since he was young. In 1995, he became a shareholder/partner with Contessa, and has been committed to the business to this very day.

Contessa has had a few different homes during these years. The first original location was downtown on Princess Street catering to traditional, French provincial and Barocco styles. These styles featured upholstery, dining and bedroom sets with hand crafted and carved frames.

In the mid 80’s, Contessa moved to Notre Dame Avenue. They began introducing modern collections, including fabrics and Italian leather sets. The showroom featured a variety of traditional, transitional, and contemporary furniture styles.

In 1991, Contessa moved to the furniture district on 1016 St. James St. At this time, Contessa started to import more products from Italy and focused on Italian and European designs.

In 2001, Contessa moved yet again to 118 King Edward St E.

A new Contessa, featuring Home Décor, opened in December of 2010. The location provides a smaller, satellite location to service the south west side of the city. It is located at 103-3000 McGillivray Blvd, situated in the brand new building at the Fort Whyte Business Park across from the Fort Whyte Center.

Contessa continues to refine its collections to include a selection of unique, modern and traditional décor styles that combine quality and affordability. Our showroom features beautiful and durable furniture, which makes Contessa the best place to buy furniture. Many items can be customized just the way you want, making them truly your own.

Our family continues to run the business and is committed to bringing you the highest quality and the most unique selections that you always expect from Contessa. You can shop with confidence, knowing that you will be well taken care of by our friendly, professional and knowledgeable family. We hope to see you all soon.

As of August 1/2012, Contessa Fine Furniture has relocated to the 103- 3000 McGillivray location.